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👋🏻 Hi there, I'm Iroshan De Zilva bringing complicated problems to a beautiful pixelated way

Specialising in design systems and crisp UI interfaces, I turn ideas to websites and apps that solve user problems seamlessly. If you'd like to work with me or have an opportunity in mind, let's get in touch.

January 2022

Leave Dates Design System

In the middle of last year, I started designing on Leave Dates redesign. It was a lot of work, including creating a scalable design system from scratch and directly redesigning a entire application.

Coming soon

Leave Dates is an online staff leave planner, giving you complete visibility of team holidays and absence. Leave Dates is free for small teams.

January 2022


Water purity and sustainability are at the heart of what we offer at Ecosolve. Our water purification services cater to both small-scale and large-scale applications. Our water purification plants are developed with The United Nations “SDG 6: Clean water & sanitation for all” in mind.

Coming soon

At Ecosolve, we offer a scalable and easy-to-deploy water purification solution to communities, organizations, and individuals at reduced financial expenses
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👌🏻 What others say about me

I just want to shout out Iroshan De Zilva who did an amazing job on the new Sneakertub websites for US and Canada. Working inside the particular platform was a challenge right from the get go. We tried various different ways without much success. Iroshan somehow figured out the way to build an awesome site for us taking my creative direction and bringing it to life.
Sneakertub founder and CEO-kamaj de Silva
Kamaj Silva
Founder & CEO Sneakertub
I had the pleasure of working with Iroshan, and I recommend him for any UI/UX projects. His attention to detail is remarkable and he is a natural team leader working alongside the developers, he was able to finish projects in a timely manner.
Sandun Nishsanka-
Sandun Wijemanne Nissanka
Music & Tech Entrepreneur | CEO at Bonfire Distribution Inc
Iroshan is a person with a good attitude and a great personality. He is a hard worker, very cooperative, friendly minded. I have found him to be an excellent team player. He is involved in the company's internal activities and gives his fullest support to get things done better apart from his job role. He knows his way around people, he is good with the clients, does whatever it takes to help colleagues and gets things done. He makes sure that everyone is on the same page and focused on the main goal. I wish all the very best for his future endeavors
Shehani is an individual who is extremely hard working and motivated to constantly develop my skills and grow professionally as a quick learner and I'm confident in my ability to conquer challenges. My capacity to stay optimistic and positive gives me the ability to work under pressure in a challenging environment and gain experience in working as a part of a leading company. I display dedication and determination in all endeavors with diligent attention to drive with a practical approach to problem solving for optimal end results.
Shehani Hettiarachchi
Iroshan is doing a fantastic job in developing a design system for us. He is very easy to work with, an excellent communicator, and most importantly, extremely skilled in UI and UX. Watching him evolve a design in Figma is like watching an artist at work! I highly recommend working with Iroshan.
Phil Norton - Founder & CEO Leavedates
Phil Norton
Founder & CEO Leavedates
Iroshan is a dedicated, focused and talented individual. When presented with a challenging task, he is able to apply his knowledge and skill to achieve the design goals for the project.Iroshan pays great attention to the User Experience. He is able to both understand the project’s requirements and elaborate design decisions to developers – contributing to the overall success of any project he’s working on.
Thisura Dodangoda
Thisura Dodangoda
Iroshan is a highly motivated unique designer who is attention to details is second to none. We have worked together on several projects and I would like to say, He has The Passion in him, so I like to introduce him as an Artist rather than just a designer. He functioned well both at the tactical and the strategic level. I admire his creative skills and at the speed which he executes.
Mahesh Perera -tmsperera
Mahesh Perera
Lead Developer